Thank you…

Tim, Angie, Kalynn, thank you for responding.  Many people do not understand as much about myth as is out there to share… but by the same token, just as many, if not more understand even more about myth without realizing it… because they know it by other names and beliefs.  Without wanting to alienate anyone over their own belief structures, our goals include showing a link to myths worldwide that go back beyond recorded time…  to the ancient oral traditions.  I want to share the benefits of the experiences I enjoy from serving as a tutor in this myth class by giving these students a chance to share their projects with their peers outside of the classroom.   The students in this course typically come from disciplines of study across the campus offerings, and by the end of each semester we see just how much their semester-long immersion in myths gives them the ability to translate them into unique sculpts, drawings, original myths, stories, and poems, etc., further demonstrating just how much myth crosses the disciplines of education.  Their creative expressions demonstrate how much it surrounds us daily; and yes, that it even lurks at the core of, or in the shadows of, our studies in sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, theology, art, and even in environmental/nature studies.  Your responses have given me more to think about as I prepare my next unit essay.  I have also been sharing your feedback with Sherie for added input in getting this project moving forward, and she appreciates the feedback you have given.

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